From autumn until spring you can experience the natural fragrances during our special sauna-séances that include among other: Sárvár salty, honey, fruity, yoghourt and chocolate flavours or ice-cold infusions! The fantasy of our sauna masters is boundless. Let yourself being enchanted!

13. May   14. May 15. May
Sauna master TIBOR   TIBOR and TAMÁS   TAMÁS
1500 Salty peeling with mango-orange oil

Salty peeling with mandarin-orange oil 1500 Salty skin scrub
1700 Hydration with white chocolate

1500 Relax with aroma oil

1700 Choco cream hydration
1900 Skin nourishment with honey

1600 Salty peeling with mango and lavender oil 1900 Icy madness in the big sauna
1700 Salty peeling with clementine-shiu oil in the big sauna
1900 Salty peeling with vanilla and jasmine oil in the big sauna
Hydration with sheabutter and grape seed oil
Citrus skin cleansing and skin nourisment with honey in the big sauna

Tickets for the sauna-séances can be purchased at the main box office, which costs 2,35 EUR / occasion.