From autumn until spring you can experience the natural fragrances during our special sauna-séances that include among other: Sárvár salty, honey, fruity, yoghourt and chocolate flavours or ice-cold infusions! The fantasy of our sauna masters is boundless. Let yourself being enchanted!

- 22. September 23. September 24. September
1500 - Relax seance Light breeze - relax
1700 Relax seace Salt peeling with grape seed oil Windy autumn - peeling
1900 Salt peeling with grape seed oil Seance with honey Ice Spartan

Tickets for the sauna-séances can be purchased at the main box office, which costs 900  Ft / occasion.

Let's work together to reduce the ecological footprint!
In the current situation, it is particularly important to pay even more attention to our environment and to pursue its sustainability. That's why we're introducing reusable cups from September 23. 2022. and saying goodbye to plastic and thermo cups in the sauna world.
Choose from our 5 cups at the cashier's desk and bring them with you to your next visit to the sauna so you can enjoy unlimited tea consumption in our sauna world. The price of the cups is 600 HUF/piece.