The Thermal Restaurant and Kebab, Thermal Confectionery, Thermal Drink Bar, Thermal Brewery and, in summer, the outdoor Thermal Buffet and Ice Cream Island have been operated by Club Operator Ltd. since 2016.

The restaurant Thermal and Kebbab offers more than 200 types food and drinks to our guests in the spa area but it is also external guests can place an order. There are various daily specialities and gluten-free, lactose-free and carbohydrate-reduced reform offers. The latest gastronimic trends are constantly being monitored and followed to ensure the proper quality and standard.

The confectionery Thermal is available for the spa guests but it has an entrance for external guests, too. In 2020, Club Operator Ltd. established its own confectionery workshop and ice cream laboratory, so you can taste its own cakes and ice creams specialities which are made locally.

The Thermal brewery and Thermal drink bar are open indoors throughout the year. Here you will find coffee, soft drinks, cocktails and a wide range of drinks.

In summer, an outdoor ice cream island with homemade ice cream awaits visitors, as well as an outdoor drink bar and snack bar.