Sárvár and its surroundings awaits the guests with numerous sights and attractions. Each season promises something special. Wonderful natural environment and many recreational programs make the time unforgettable.

The city has a colorful and rich historical past. The symbol of the city is the Nadasdy Castle. It is worth to visit the castle park and the Arboretum. We can take pleasant walks around the boat ponds and the river Raab. Excellent foods and wines are waiting for the guests in the restaurants, pubs and wine cellars.

There are great opportunities to explore the neighbourhood: The hills of Ság, Somló and Kőszeg are popular destination points for the hikers.

In the area you can also make pleasant day trips. It is worth to visit: Sitke, Ikervár, Szeleste...

Szombathely, Kőszeg, Sopron, Sümeg and the Őrség offer rich programs and attractions: museums, castles, castle theater, castle games and colorful events ...

Do not miss out anything!

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