... because there is a lot of fun there! And there is a sand-box and one can also play with ball. And even more!!! One can also take a sunbath, slide, pirate at the pirate’s boat, breast the waves, dive and we could go on listing.

Giant slides, different sports opportunities, games and animation programmes offer both old and young amusement.

Adventure and entertainment with no limits:

On June 18. 2016 we opened 2 new slides: one is an exciting 106-meter tube slide that is sometimes dark, sometimes light, but there are also occasional lights flickering in it, and the other slide is a curved arch that allows you to slide up and down in a rubber ring as skateboarders do on their U-shaped course.

  • beach pool
  • diving bay
  • 4 course race water slides
  • wave pool
  • 7 giant slides - among which some are quite extreme
  • kids’ adventure pool with pirates’ship and water fortress
  • kids’ adventure pool
  • baby paddling-pool
  • playing grounds, playing fields
  • retro healing water pool
  • sport fields, beach football, beach volleyball, petanque
  • water walking ball (water zorb ball)

*The giant slides and the 4 course race water slides can be used only above the shoulder height of 120 cm. There are some among the giant slides, which have a minimum weight limit of 40 kg. Please inquire about the rules on the spot!

The huge slides can be used by children with minimum 120 cm shoulder-high, but there are some slides with minimum weight limit, which is 40 kg.

Children under 6 years are under no circumstances to use the huge slides. Of course there are no limits on the smaller slides.

In the area of the spa different restaurants and buffets are waiting for our visitors whit delicious dishes, who get hungry from swimming.