Oasis of relaxation, where sauna fans can make up their choice. Finnish saunas, bio sauna, steam sauna, steam bathes, aroma cabines, Kneipp pool, adventure showers and giant jacuzzies take care of the refreshment of both body and soul.

The saunaworld is a pearl within the Spa. It is a small island, where calmness rules and the outside world stops existing at one stroke. It is also recommended for those, who do not like the too hoot saunas because here apart from the traditional Finnish saunas our guests can choose from a wide range of other options as well. The quiet and relaxing environment is an excellent place for recreation.

From autumn until spring you can experience the natural fragrances during our special sauna séances that include among other: Sárvár salty, honey, fruity, yoghourt and chocolate flavours or ice-cold infusions! The fantasy of our sauna masters is boundless. Let yourself being enchanted!

Following the sauna habits of the West, the sauna world is an area without a swimsuit, but this only applies to the use of sauna, steam and aroma cabins, as well as plunge and jacuzzi pools. The saunaworld can be visited from the age of 12. The use of sauna sheets is obligatory in the rest areas. We provide sauna sheets to our guests free of charge, against a deposit.

Finnish saunas (indoor and outdoor, 95-100 °C):

In addition to the good atmosphere and reliving stress, saunas have a good impact on the condition of our skin, they train the cardio-vascular system, relax the muscles, help emptying the waste products from our body and last but not least saunas are excellent for regeneration. A regular sauna practice can really make wonders. It is best to relax in silence; meanwhile the heat does the cleaning inside and on the surface of our body.

Soft Sauna:

For those for whom the classic sauna is too hot, they can visit our softer saunas. The temperature is 55-65 °C but the humidity is high there. This temperature does not strain the heart, sensitive skin and unstable blood circulation are also better tolerated. However, after twenty minutes at the latest, it is recommended to take a cold or lukewarm shower here as well. Excellent detoxifying, skin care effect.

Steam Baths:

The steam bath helps to preserve our health and beauty and also contributes positively to the processes of recuperation and relaxation. In addition to the pleasurable effects, its healing power is also well known. Through the use of the steam bath, asthma, rheumatism, hoarseness, muscle pain and circulatory disorders can be favourably treated. Its use is also recommended in cosmetology especially for those who have a sensitive skin since the heat has the effect of enlarging and cleansing the pores.

Aroma Cabines

Aroma therapy is based on the use of fragrant oils, which exerts its beneficial effects not only by being massaged into the skin but also by the inhalation of its vapours. With the help of these relaxing fragrances (camomile, eucalyptus, lavender) and the pleasant warm temperature, the stress is relieved and insomnia can be reduced. These aromatic oils also serve the improvement of our beauty.

Kneipp Pool

The bottom of the Kneipp Pool is covered by pebbles and the cool water has a refreshing effect during the sauna process and by walking on the round pebbles one can experience a massaging effect on the soles of the feet. The cold water has the effect of stimulating the nervous system through the skin, which in turn has a beneficial effect on our metabolisms on our muscles and also helps us to get rid of the body toxins.