Spa world

Healing Spa

This wing of the spa is responsible first of all for relaxation with thermal baths and adventure pools. It is separated from the family spa, therefore our guest can enjoy undisturbed the relaxing and warm thermal water.

Family spa

A place, where both young and old members of family can enjoy themselves! The new family adventure world is connected to the spa with a spacious corridor. Here even the youngest can enjoy swimming and floundering safe and sound every day of the year!


It is good at the beach...

... because there is a lot of fun there! And there is a sand-box and one can also play with ball. And even more!!! One can also take a sunbath, slide, pirate at the pirate’s boat, breast the waves, dive and we could go on listing.


We await the little ones with splashing pools, the bigger children with exciting adventure pools, and the guests longing for regeneration with pools filled with silky healing water. Here you can get to know all of our pools. Make your choice or try all of them!


Please find our slides here. For safety, please be informed about the rules.