Guard your vitality! In our fitness room high level TechnoGym cardio and training machines, balance weights and professional trainers expect each generation.

Several opportunities are offered for those who like doing sports at the Spa: a modern fitness room, water gymnastics and outdoor sport fields...

In the modern fitness room we can keep our body in a good shape as well. Cardio and training machines and professionally prepared trainers are waiting for each generation with training plans and consulting.

You have the chance to conduct your training exercises with a POLAR pulse monitor that is able to determine in the first minutes of your work-out - in the warm-up period - your load limits based on your actual physical and mental condition. This is expressed by the “OWN ZONE” range, where fat burning and the aerobe performance are the most efficient.

Outside the fitness room our trainers and animators offer several exercise opportunities in the pools, at the sport fields, at the petanque field and at the tours organized around the rowing lake. We invite our active guests and who are in a playful mood to attend quiz-shows or family sport programmes, meanwhile our less sportsmanlike guests can learn the rules of petanque and the flow of the game or you can get familiar with Nordic Walking.

In our 25 meters swimming-pool lovers of swimming may follow their hobby. (Wearing a bathing cap is obligatory in the pool).


There is a 2 lane bowling courtesy beside the fitness centre, where you can have a great time with your friends and family.